The 2R Manager. When To Relate, When To Require, And How To Do Both Effectively

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The 2R Manager will make you a better manager–immediately.It offers specific advice tailored to each individual's current management style

Having the ability to relate and require is fundamental for effective managing

Managers have naturally either a Relating or a Requiring style

Most managers miss opportunities

Others, thinking they have the answers, miss getting new ideas and destroy their employees motivation

Some try to be their employee's friend when they need to be setting priorities and deadlines

The best managers possess the ability to do both well and know when to choose one over the other

Those who naturally require are weaker at relating sometimes much weaker and vice versa

Whether you want to improve how you now manage people or create a management-training alternative that can help reduce time and costs, you will find what you're looking for in The 2R Manager.

You ll learn what changes you must make and how to make them

You will take some self-surveys, see the results, and learn the impact you now have on those you manage

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The 2R Manager. When to

The 2R Manager will make you a better manager immediately.It offers specific advice tailored to each individual's current management style. You will take some self-surveys, see the results, and learn 2466.19 р.

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